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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  December 6, 2012 9:00am-12:00pm PST

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bp ♪ when we have karl frisch right off the bat, and we made news busters. >> how long before the gop gets a sense of humor? >> stephanie: i don't know we'll read some comment section, because wow there are some zingers in there. >> i said the turtle -- >> stephanie: you were imitating john boner.
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>> what importance is context really? >> stephanie: we think both mitch mcconnell and john boner want to turn pour people into mulch. >> they probably do. >> there goes jacki hitting the pages of news busters. >> stephanie: here she is the incredibly biased jacki schechner. >> good morning, everybody. the governor has signed the law that makes gay marriage legal. close to 54% of voters in november backed the ballot measure that reaffirmed a state law that passed earlier this year the first offices opened at 12:01 am and in two counties they are starting to issue licenses. by 10:00 pm dozens of couples were already lined up. the state has a three-day
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waiting period. same-sex couples who were married in another state do not have to say their vows again. couples in maryland also can start getting their licenses today, but the date on the licenses will be january 1st. the law in maine will kick in december 29th. also today in washington state anyone 21 and over can carry up to an ounce of marijuana. but cannot smoke it. it is unclear how federal authorities will deal with the decriminalization of weed. tonight is the lighting of the national christmas tree, the president and the first family will be doing the honors. we're back after the break. stay with us.
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[♪ theme music ♪] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good hey all right now, it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: oh yes, it is. it is not every day that i make news busters, and someone sends me a christmas beaver that sings. ♪ >> stephanie: thank you, ronnie. ronnie sent me a christmas beaver. >> ah. >> stephanie: 1-800-steph-1-2
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the phone number toll free from anywhere. i'm sporting -- speaking of delightful holiday gifts, i'm sporting the sexy liberal t-shirt, which can be found at also tickets are going very fast for the big sexy liberal palooza. >> yes. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: roland says -- he is a geek he just does analytics at home. he said we have 100% increase over last year. [ applause ] >> wow. >> stephanie: people like us. really. oh, i almost rolled over my christmas beaver. >> wow, that would hurt. >> wow. >> stephanie: karl frisch and i both made news busters.
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my headline gop wants to turn poor people into mulch claims stephanie miller. >> because we are a serious news program. >> stephanie: yes, and clearly i said the gop wants to turn pour people into mulch. live talker stephanie miller and coat-catcher side kicks -- >> coat catcher. >> stephanie: that would be you two. >> i'm a coat catcher. [ applause ] >> stephanie: you two would never catch my coat. >> no. >> stephanie: the biggest thing i learn every time i make news busters, is he have a highly entertaining show. they provided a transcript and i was like wow that is really
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funny. >> you pay transcript companies good money to do that for you. >> stephanie: yes, and jim says so many funny things every day and i miss some of them being old and deaf. but then i get a transcript, and i'm like that was really funny. cohost jim ward imitating boehner. they are going to kill all pour people -- and then there is a whole transcript. and they beat you to a hitler reference. when the republicans don't agree with the president they want to slaughter the poor en masse, kind of like hitler. [ applause ] >> stephanie: the comments are much more precious. we have got all of the mulch we'll ever need right between
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stephanie miller's ears. zing. yikes. bam. nothing but comedy net there. don't confuse mulch with soggy shredded wheat. >> what? huh? >> stephanie: all right. ♪ karl ♪ >> stephanie: karl frisch ♪ so inciting to me ♪ >> stephanie: karl frisch what did you do to make news busters. >> good morning, you three, you are nothing but a common coat catcher, you two. i swear to god it sounds like a 1920s movies. >> you couple of coat catchers. >> stephanie: the gop also strangles puppies, pushes old
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ladies off of the stairs in her wheelchair, and tangles kittens. geez. karl frisch what did you do to make news busters? >> i'm not sure but they took offense to me saying republicans hate government and that's why they don't run it very well. >> but they hate government so that's why they don't run it very well. >> right. >> bill press said you can't be in washington without giving you opinion about whether or not we're going off the fiscal cliff, blah blah blah. and i said the democrats tend to be the responsible party in terms of wanting to govern and then bill says because they hate it and i say right. why would you make some big
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operate well that you don't like. >> you are a couple of marksists. >> what did reagan say? the government is the problem. >> right. they don't like the government. >> and i don't suppose the government is anything anybody would ever want to strangle in the bathtub. >> stephanie: no. all right. let's dive in to right-wing world. [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: all right. rush limbaugh. >> folks, i'm a little worn-out fed up and very inpatient with these ongoing assaults on the people who work in this country. the current disaster is not teaching people a lesson nothing will. we're not teaching people to be productive, and instead we're teaching them that there is nothing wrong with being slovenly. it is stupid, it's what they did
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in the soviet union. kill ambition. to hell with that. >> stephanie: wow, someone is getting a little upset about losing their spare oxycontin stash. lots of people have proposed 100% tax rate. that's exactly what is on the table. >> you can't expect rush logic to enter into reality. >> stephanie: yes, and liberalism is to blame. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> how? so -- >> stephanie: doesn't matter jim. and also rush limbaugh marriage expert had something to do with they are not married. >> well he says that
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women -- one way to make women conservative is to marry them and he is trying to do that one lady at a time. >> yes, he is. >> stephanie: okay. shawn handy. >> republicans have allowed themselves to get caught in a circular firing squad, negotiating among themselves and now tea party members are being removed from key committees. and john boehner adopted the rhetoric of rich versus the poor. >> stephanie: oh no. >> if sean hannity is on the case, it is going to get solved. i'm shocked, i still can't believe, that boehner could be trying to move his caucus in the right direction -- >> stephanie: huh oh. oh, my goodness -- there you go. now you are back go ahead. >> i'm convinced it's only
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matter of time before eric cantor pulls the strings back and puts the speaker back in his place. >> stephanie: exactly. >> yes. >> stephanie: i love that geithner and the white house signalling that we'll go off the cliff if we have to. i posted something from the l.a. times. fiscal cliff let's take the plunge in the l.a. times. he said the u.s. deficit and debt will fall social security will go on unharmed and we'll go back to tax rates that were better than the current ones. what do you think? >> i certainly don't want something that will put us into a recession. that's more republican thinking. but i think ultimately pugh has a pole saying 53% of the american people will blame republicans, to which i can only
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imagine republicans saying oh we're finally ahead in a poll. boner is like a slug there is a bright orange trail of cheat toe dust and bronzer leading from his office. >> stephanie: okay. here you go. >> so many people are going to part-time work and being hurt. everyone i know is already seeing cutbacks, and the economy is going to be disastrous and only going to get worse under obama. >> stephanie: by the way that was dexter von frisch? >> it was. >> stephanie: he just screams at ann coulters voice? >> it's like an earthquake he just screams before it happens.
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here. get it now. plus you debt two free bonus months with your subscription. that's the offer code is stephanie. >> i think your show is absolutely vulgar. i think it's sad. >> stephanie: all right. >> we're trying to raise kids to be respectful. and there's no way you are adding to it. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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so check out the web site. just google elizabeth warren. i think i want to write her a check plyself. i would really love to see her join the ranks of the united states senate and get rid of scott brown. 1-866-55-press.
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what the current audience can expect from my show is the unexpected. >>stephanie miller challenges the system, now it's your turn. >>it's a little bit of magic. >>connect with "talking liberally with stephanie miller" at and on twitter at smshow. ♪ ♪
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>> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ [ inaudible ] ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show," welcome it to, twenty-two minutes after the hour. we are so competitive, aren't we karl? >> that's right. >> stephanie: ed asner who is on today's show also made news busters. he asked a fox news producer if he could urinate on him. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: all right. you win this round, asner. >> in fairness to asner, maybe he thought it was a shower with bill o'reilly that he was getting into? [ laughter ] >> stephanie: let's continue. bryan fischer on that there american family the kind of family that does not involve the gays. >> no. >> this whole concept of using a weapon for self-defense is rooted in the teaching of
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christ. >> what? >> so we have a legal principal that is rooted in the teaching of christ. it's hard to get much more legitimate than that. >> how many people did jesus kill. >> stephanie: i don't remember jesus talking about the guns so much karl. >> i do. remember when he said father forgive them for they know not what they do but they will have to pry this weapon out of my cold dead hands. >> stephanie: right. >> why else would you wear a robe if you weren't concealing. >> stephanie: all right then. now [ inaudible ]. >> we have a huge problem in america that sharia is now being brought into our legal system. the muslim brotherhood is
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absolutely incredible. we're becoming a marxist nation. and everything we're doing is right out of the marxist play book. go back and read the communist manifesto if you don't believe me. and then look at what we have done in america. >> stephanie: i need some light reading on the plane on the way to washington, so i think i'll read that. >> i'm going with delusional paranoia. when you first said this radio, it occurred to me that yes, they will give anybody a show on the right. and the second he say shiria law is they really be give anyone -- i did not know that chris spent his mornings monitoring ham radio. >> yes, that's part of my job. >> stephanie: oh must we begin and end with rush limbaugh?
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>> well yeah. >> this morning there was a joint press conference that featured the so-called republican leadership. and i don't know why but they were smiling. what we got today was a seminar on how to surrender. it was weak. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: an awesome disarray. >> i mean this has shades of -- of immigration reform in 2000 -- during the bush administration. you recall congress was ready to give president bush a bill that he would have signed for immigration reform and right-wing talk radio went ballistic and everybody backed down, so they could blame president obama for not passing something, and it's remarkable to see everybody turning on congress that has not even come
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to the table with a legitimate compromise yet. >> stephanie: exactly. >> this is all pre-emptive teeth rattling. >> stephanie: and what romney just ran and lost on is hilarious. >> that's how you compromise if you are a republican, you offer what you offered before and say it is compromise. >> stephanie: all right. karl frisch if you want to make news busters you better come from something more insinary next week. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: one of our listeners was relieved that was dexter von frisch barking, he thought it was ann coulter's vagina. [ applause ] >> stephanie: have a good one
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karl. >> you too. >> stephanie: bye. [ applause ] >> stephanie: you know they do this so i'll mention them. [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: gop wants to change pour people into mull sh claims ever inane stephanie miller. this is jack coleman. what it is about left wingers and their fantasies of mass murder. hey, jim! [ laughter ] >> see -- >> i'm not a coat catcher, clearly. >> stephanie: i just threw my coat because it's a whacky visual stunt. and he just threw it back at me. and see you would never catch my transcript. jim ward immating john boehner. that's the only thing that is going to work.
9:28 am
miller producer chris lavoie. >> yeah. >> stephanie: i learn jim is really funny, and you add nothing. >> i add nothing, why am i here? >> press buttons and reflect. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: turn that back of your neck into a bigger package of hot doings. miller turn pour people into mulch, ward again imitating boner, and when we come back -- added something of marginal value. >> wow can't wait to hear this. >> stephanie: all right. twenty-eight minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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let's rock and roll. there is so much going on that every day presents another exciting issue. from financial regulation, iran getting a nuclear bomb, civil war in syria, fraud on wall street, destruction of medicare and medicaid. there are real issues here. having been a governor, i know that trade-offs are tough. things everyday exploding around the world that leave no shortage for exciting conversations. i want our viewer to understand why things have happened. at the end of the show, you know what has happened, why its happened and more importantly, what's going to happen tomorrow.
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♪ >> the only class in this hat is -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." are they shooting my beaver? >> yes, your christmas beaver. >> stephanie: okay good. >> we'll call him ducky. >> stephanie: okay. thirty-four minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. so it's getting exciting now on the fiscal cliff, now, ladies and gentlemen. >> yes. >> stephanie: the administration is prepared to go off the cliff if republicans do not agree to raise rates on the wealthy. let's check in with congressman peter welch. good morning. >> good morning. it is exciting.
9:34 am
>> stephanie: it is getting exciting. >> stephanie: i just posted a piece called fiscal cliff let's take the plunge. but it was an interesting analogy of what tim geithner was saying. >> that's exactly right. and we have the leverage. the president knows he has theed with at his back and that's the solid election victory, where he reason quite explicitly on raising the tax rates on the top 2%. so he know the american people support it. the majority of romney voters on exit polls supported that position. so this is not just dealing with boehner. it's dealing with the american people. and the most important thing is to get a long-term component of the plan and the election results favor him, number 1.
9:35 am
number 2, january 1st comes we put a bill on the floor, we quote lower taxes because we couldn't provide tax relief at that point for 98% of americans, and there's no way they would vote against that. >> stephanie: this raising the debt ceiling debacle he said is not a game i'm going to play again. >> we blew it last time. and if you remember the republicans for the first time in the history of the country, literally started playing russian roulette with america's credit, and it was such brinksmanship that we ended up having the markets panic, and had the fist downgrade in the history of our country. and that cost billions of dollars to taxpayers. in the past both parties have grandstanded on the debt ceiling
9:36 am
increase. the out of power party always using it to make their criticisms of the parties in power. butting grandstanding is not merely pulling the plug. and that's a line that the republican leadership passed in august. and that's catastrophic consequences -- >> stephanie: that is going off cliff in my opinion. >> yes. >> stephanie: and as the president said before that has never before been used as a negotiating point for one party. >> that's right. either party -- if this becomes a tool that one party or either party can use, where literally we hold hostage the american economy, and where to achieve your goal you literally destroy the confidence that world needs will pay our bills. that is highly destructive and
9:37 am
the harm you'll do far outweighs any gain you claim to be speaking. so we have got to draw a line and if they actually -- they being the republicans in this case actually assert that then in my view the president has the ability to use the 14th amendment, and pay our bills. >> stephanie: that's right. this l.a. times article i referred to talking about a lot of people wrote to george bush and said don't do this. can letting a failed tax policy die be such a bad thing? >> that's exactly right. our tax revenues are down. historically they have been about 18 to 19% of the gross domestic product. part of that is the recession, but significant loss of revenue is because of the bush tax
9:38 am
policies and it was based on this idealogical fiction if you lower taxes it will increase revenues. and their focus was lowering taxes at the high end. we had higher tax rates under clinton, and we created 40 million jobs and had a surplus. then the bush folks came in put the war on the credit card prescription drugs on the credit card, and lowered taxes at the high end, and we had only 700,000 jobs and had astonishing deficits since then. >> stephanie: the same l.a. times piece even makes that case with the war in afghanistan winding down the military is asking for less than congress wants to give. so i think there has been so much hysteria over this fiscal cliff that i'm not sure it's warranted. >> that's exactly right. and also the ryan budget you
9:39 am
know their doctrine -- and it really is doctrining. lower taxes for the wealthy, and that will trickle down. untrue. number 2, increase spending in the pentagon way beyond what the pentagon wants and that will make us three. and that cut back on things like education and scientific research and somehow we'll have a stronger future. none of those things make any sense. at the core of the ryan approach, and he is representative of the dominant republican point of view now, is that you are on your own. it is an ayn rand kind of deal. if you are well off and can afford private school and you
9:40 am
can give in a gated community, that's the way it ought to be and all of us ought to strive for that but the fact is when this country has done well we have had policies that have given the middle class an opportunity to succeed, and it takes a public/private partnership. >> stephanie: yep. representative, how do you see this playing out, and how about the bill for the middle class tax cuts in the house? what is going to happen? >> they are going to cave. we just don't know when. they have to. because they are in this bizarre position of resisting having tax rates go down for 98% of the american people only because they insist on having them go down for the top 2% and that's not sustainable, and they know it. it's a total political loser for them. so really the question is whether they'll capitlate before
9:41 am
january 1st or after january 1st. and they don't have to go to father professor, grover norquist. >> stephanie: exactly. representative welch thank you for giving us an update. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> stephanie: he is awesome. where is my comedy music? [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: okay. gop wants to turn pour people into mulch claims ever inane stephanie miller. and technically it was jim. >> yeah. >> stephanie: should we stipulate that we don't actually thing john boner wants to turn pour people into mulch? >> yes. >> stephanie: wouldn't it be fun if he made news busters while talking about news busters.
9:42 am
>> that's would be so funny. >> stephanie: basically it's a hilarious jim ward, but he is doing his boner imitation -- >> flabbergasted. >> stephanie: ward that's an balanced approach lavoie hey, that is a solution. you did a whole sentence. miller i made a chart, pour person woodchiper. ward still imitating boner, just kill all the poor people and then we'll have an balanced approach. but you would don't that because you're so popular. miller and then we'll have mulch. >> that added something. >> stephanie: yes. miller and new things will grow. lavoie yeah. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: miller new rich things. see i am funny. jim funny. you -- ah every now and again
9:43 am
something. news buster rights when the left right wants agree with the republicans it is because they want to slaughter people enmass. i think we have said ad nauseam what the obama administration is proposing -- >> techniquely the nazis didn't want to kill the pour -- >> stephanie: thank you, jim. >> which would make them extreme right-wingers. >> stephanie: i'm sure it is so noted at news busters, as they are busily transcripting the new transcript as we talk about the old transcript. no miller prefers to conjure up
9:44 am
ominous images of woodchipers just over the horizon. whatever it takes to keep her amused. >> well, yeah kind of the point of the show. [ applause ] >> stephanie: we have got all the mulch we need between stephanie miller's ears. >> pow! >> stephanie: don't confuse mulch with soggy shredded wheat. happy face. >> what does that mean? >> stephanie: if anyone is potential fodder or mulch this gas bag is. >> yeah so there. >> stephanie: all right. thank you. [ applause ] >> stephanie: news busters. i love you so much. i really do. okay. forty-four minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: welcome to the party barn. make we take your order? it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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hi debbie. >> caller: hi the republicans are hoping to make us all into glen beck mega church centers. the religious shows are not even talking about religion anymore, it is all political. this morning they said they are trying to get money for the [ inaudible ] ministries and they say for $120 we can keep up the enemy from stealing our land and -- and they are going to cap our finances if we don't send the ministry some money. >> stephanie: who is the enemy stealing our land? >> caller: that's just it. they didn't say. >> you know they. >> stephanie: just send them cash right away. >> because only they know who they are. >> stephanie: right. just send a bag of cash.
9:51 am
all right. the president yesterday on the fiscal cliff. >> obama: let's allow higher rates to go up for the top 2% that includes all of you guests but not in anyway that is going to affect your spending your lifestyles or the economy in any significant way. let's make sure that 98% of americans don't see a single dime in tax increases next year. 97% of small businesses don't see a single dime of tax increases next year and by doing that alone we raise almost a trillion dollars. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: associated press says the white house is signalling president obama is willing to let the country go over the cliff. this is a choice of the republican party if they are willing to do higher rates on the country, there is a lot to talk about, if they are not,
9:52 am
they will push us over the cliff. tim geithner said there is no prospect in an agreement that doesn't include the tax rate going up on the top 2% of americans. he said we are not prepared to have the american economy held hostage to periodic threats. >> there you go. >> stephanie: and he pointed out, taxes were the centerpiece of the presidential campaign. he ran on a pledge to repeal these tax cuts. 60% of voters backed obama's reelection a new poll suggests that -- >> including republicans. >> stephanie: yeah he said republicans would take the bulk of the blame if this happens. i think we're in a strong position. >> i do too. >> stephanie: every time they
9:53 am
talk on tv it's like lost lost lost lost you lost. this is the best thing, chris, i have read thus far on this. [ ♪ patriotic music ♪ ] >> stephanie: fiscal cliff let's take the plunge in the l.a. times. the debt will fall social security and medicare will go on unharmed, and we'll go back to tax rates that work better than the current ones. many made a public plea to george w. bush not to enact these tax cuts. they said it would woesen the budget deficit, decrease quality, and fail to produce economic growth. well what happened? [ bell chimes ] >> stephanie: exactly that. [ ♪ patriotic music ♪ ] >> stephanie: since then the
9:54 am
budget deficit has ballooned, the economy has spiraled into the greatest decline since the great depression history has proved that 450 economists were exactly correct. this could push the american economy off of a fiscal cliff, am i missing something here? can it be such a bad thing. not really said the cbo. if congress extents current policy the debt and deficit will increase slowing the economy and dramatically increasing interest costs. because of the deal congress and the president made last year it be result in across the board budget reductions still there will be no decreases in social security medicare and veteran's benefits. defense spending would take a big hit, but because of a
9:55 am
windown in afghanistan some military leaders are asking for less than congress is willing to shell out. from 1990 to 1999 defense spending decreased by 1% a year. this weakened military is nonsense. jim we have like what 27,000 times to blow up the country with the next amount of nukes. >> and we still have massive armies in europe protecting them from a massive soviet union. >> yeah. >> korea is another issue -- we do need people there. >> stephanie: right, but he points out who is behind all of this fiscal cliff cage rattling. the rich and their friends. any changes on the low, low, low capital gains tax. so will congress pass a bill? in a pig's eye.
9:56 am
what is much more likely is to kick the can down the road and let the next congress figure it out. here is another idea let's join hands and walk to the bottom of the cliff together it is not very far down. america will go back to tax rates that work better than the cuts we have been living with. congress will be forced to do something for a change. republicans and democrats will have to work object to to repair rather than filibustering talking points perhaps america is on the cliff of a fiscal opportunity. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: there you go. >> george bush's first inaugural address. we got yawl a surplus. that means you are paying too much tax. i'm going to fix that. [ explosion ] >> but the job creators can't be taxed -- they create the jobs.
9:57 am
>> but they didn't. and we had the worst financial downturn since the great depression. >> stephanie: yep. carol in pennsylvania. >> caller: hi honey. great show as usual. congress don't care. that's what everybody is forgetting. they don't give a damn because they are going to get their checks. they are going to get their benefits, and i think they are trying to subvert the government, and i think grover norquist should pay their checks and benefits and take them off the payroll, and we'll save a lot of money. >> stephanie: yes, that's right. ed asner and much more coming up as we continue on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ i'm going to be on with the governor tomorrow night. she is awesome. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." hdhden
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♪ ♪s a beautiful day ♪ ♪ don't get it get away ♪ >> stephanie: uh-huh. it is the "stephanie miller show." twenty-four minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. chris this just in the guy who got bit on the plane as retile dysfunction. [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: steph, i was laughing hysterically about mr. road flair mary driving an
11:20 am
empty truck. harrowing but worth it. [ applause ] >> stephanie: oh people writing fake road flair mary letters. stop it. >> that was fake? >> stephanie: loretta in texas. >> caller: hi. i just wanted to let you know that you saved my life. >> stephanie: how did i do that? >> this past year listening to all of the network news and cnn, and msnbc, by september i was ready to slit my throat was i was convinced that the regress-ican were going to win. and i found you, and i was like a light from heaven. [♪ magic wand ♪] >> stephanie: oh, thank you. >> caller: i'm like oh my god,
11:21 am
especially after my oldest sister told me this past summer that she just had to console herself that her baby sister was a communist? [ laughter ] >> caller: i was like hello? are we in the 1950s? >> stephanie: bless your communist heart, and welcome, welcome. [ applause ] >> stephanie: john sununu said obama won thanks to base dependent on government policy and program. the party unified and pushed out their government-dependent base. [ bell chimes ] >> stephanie: didn't john sununu pretty move prove he was irrelevant. >> stephanie: yes. i am an ungrateful taker.
11:22 am
if only i had the sense to avoid being drafted, i would have never been sent to vietnam and have my left leg blown off, now i'm taking money from the government. how ungrateful of me. >> how could he be so selfish. >> yeah. >> stephanie: what a taker. all right. let's go to karen in arkansas. hi karen, welcome. >> caller: hi guys how are you doing? >> stephanie: good go ahead. >> caller: i'm calling from the gold buckle of the bible belt. [♪ magic wand ♪] >> stephanie: nice and shiny. >> caller: i was calling about paul ryan wanting to help the pour now. >> stephanie: karen that is a
11:23 am
long-held belief. it has been held since at least last thursday. [ laughter ] >> caller: and then ted nugent says people on welfare shouldn't be allowed to vote. >> stephanie: right. because he has rewritten the constitution. >> caller: but most of the people on welfare are white and from the red states. >> stephanie: exactly. i was going to say let's take him up on that offer. [ applause ] >> stephanie: by the way, so jim demint stepping down. tea party in a little bit of disarray. >> someone on twitter had a question. live boy or dead girl? [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: jim demint now wants to be a rich loud mouth
11:24 am
cracker. nikki haley could have appointed herself to the seat. i love this how the voter id crusade backfired on republicans. [ explosion ] ♪ nah nah nah nah nah ♪ >> stephanie: it's yet another silver lining in the post-election season of nothing but silver linings. we'll talk about that and much more as we continue with celebrity stack on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ >> announcer: i got her number off of the men's room stall, 1-800-steph-1-2. ♪ let's rock and roll.
11:25 am
there is so much going on that every day presents another exciting issue. from financial regulation, iran getting a nuclear bomb, civil war in syria, fraud on wall street, destruction of medicare and medicaid. there are real issues here. having been a governor, i know that trade-offs are tough. things everyday exploding around the world that leave no shortage for exciting conversations. i want our viewer to understand why things have happened. at the end of the show, you know what has happened, why its happened and more importantly, what's going to happen tomorrow. [ male announcer ] lifts to clear obstacles. ♪ ♪ lowers to cut drag. rises to every challenge. the class exclusive air suspension in the new 2013 ram 1500. engineered to move heaven and earth. guts. glory. ram.
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of sununu, you're wrong. mitt romney, you're wrong. we need more teachers, not fewer teachers and more cops and more firefighters that support our
11:27 am
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♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> she's the queen bee. >> she's the star. we are just her little workers. >> stephanie: coat catchers as news busters calls you. >> you coat catchers. >> stephanie: which i just proved because i threw my coat at jim and he didn't catch it. the tweet, demint gone war gone, this tea party thing not working out very good is it. ♪ nah nah nah nah nah ♪ >> stephanie: remember that tone of voice she used. >> oh yeah. >> stephanie: that one that would make garage doors go up
11:30 am
and tampons fly out. >> speak for yourself my tampon didn't fly out. >> stephanie: yours must be better quality than mine. hi eric. >> caller: hi, momma, i just came from the [ inaudible ] count auditor's office and there are a lot of happy people here. >> stephanie: yay! mexican supreme court approves gay marriage. they are going to have to put up a fence -- a rainbow fence, because i'm going to get married. >> to whom? >> stephanie: find somebody on the way. i'll get somebody and a bag of oranges on the way -- >> some tijuana hooker? [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: stop it. did i mention i got in a car
11:31 am
accident yesterday and almost totaled my car. >> you did? >> stephanie: yeah. >> how did you do that? >> stephanie: it takes skill. it takes mad skills. i wasn't doing anything. we were sitting there for like a half hour and then we all thought we were moving -- you know i have a big ass car because i have, you know, giant dogs, and i slammed on the breaks -- and we had to wait for the cops for like an hour and a half. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: i was like you should have told them i shot you. >> was he a fan >> stephanie: no. and then he hit the gal in front of him, so it was a bad day. i haven't gotten in an accident forever. >> i think i know the stretch you are talking about. >> we're driving, driving, driving, now we're not. >> stephanie: could you take your organ out for me.
11:32 am
>> right away. [ organ music ] >> stephanie: i just found a nephewture husband. ♪ let's hear it for the boy ♪ >> stephanie: catholic teens gay marriage stance a teen's catholic confirmation is called off after he opposed a gay ban. 13 days before the vote on the proposed constitutional amendment, we talked to chris clowe about this and he said he had been thinking about the marriage amendment, a lot of his friends were opposed. he said in the constitution all men are created equal, and that
11:33 am
means all men are equal. he posted a picture on facebook -- bell ♪ >> stephanie: the source of all trouble america. the next day an urgent message from the priest he said her son could not be confirmed. the mom said she was stunned. she said you mean to tell me when you stand up there on sunday and you see all of those families with two or three kids you don't know they are using birth control? she was told she could no longer serve as a sponsor and she came home in tears. lennon said the idea that he quit is untrue. and his father said what are you
11:34 am
doing looking over your shoulder reporting a kid's facebook page to the parrish priest. i'm a conservative but the polling place he paused, and in the end i sided with my son. >> there you go. maybe they are realizing that particular religion isn't for them anymore. >> stephanie: they are not saying they are going to leave any catholic church but that's a good point. >> right. >> stephanie: there are so many catholics -- certainly the birth control rules and all of that. >> right. >> stephanie: to prevent a kid from being confirmed because he expressed an opinion -- how the voter id law backfired on republicans. the push to make it more difficult to vote this year could not have failed more spectacularly according to a top
11:35 am
african american activist. there was a drop-off in enthusiasm initially among african-americans, unfortunately for the republicans, however, others who won a quest to impose id laws those republican legislators flipped a switch with the african american voters rekindling the enthusiasm that existed in 2008. ♪ nah nah nah nah ♪ >> stephanie: some of these voting laws weren't in effect because we pushed them off in the court, but they will be in the effect in the next election so we have to stay firm.
11:36 am
let's go to mike. >> caller: hi i was listening to -- i can't help it here on the redneck rifira. >> you can't separate government from a philosophy -- >> oh okay. >> stephanie: okay. >> you can't separate it from a philosophy. >> so therefore it's not a religion. >> stephanie: yeah it's a religion. nice try bill o'reilly. chrissy in wisconsin. hi chrissy. >> caller: hi do you know where
11:37 am
i can buy a nikki haley pinata like she let her daughter use on her birthday. >> stephanie: now. now. >> caller: they should tell those. or a presidential wanna be with paul ryan's face on it. >> stephanie: oh now. now. >> caller: or a vice presidential wanna be -- >> stephanie: all right. you are a scamp. welcome you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: hi, steph. i think i have the republican party's next campaign slogan. republicans we can't remember past tomorrow. second thing is what do you think of sheldon adleson showing up in boner's office. >> stephanie: oh did he? >> caller: yes. >> stephanie: when.
11:38 am
>> caller: yesterday. >> stephanie: oh wow. we got rid of a lot of the tea party crazies, including jim demint. you have to have your crazy uncle in the attic. he railed against president obama recent speech for an anti symposium, suggesting the president and other far-left believers wanted no military all together. he initially accused obama of practicing national security fraud. he said president obama made a statement yesterday that is just stunning. he said to a group of nuclear disarmament enthusists we seek a future where these weapons never threaten our children again. [♪ dramatic music ♪] >> stephanie: that's almost like what ronald reagan said. >> we need to ward world war iii
11:39 am
immediately! >> stephanie: conservatives need to realize they are truly dealing with the far lift who doesn't think we need a military to start with. >> oh yeah. >> that's so not true. >> that's how we got osama bin laden by not having a military at all. >> stephanie: right. arnold in north carolina. >> caller: steph i would like to talk about the backlash that african-americans and latinos put on the republicans during the last election when they tried everything in the world to try to stop us from voting and now they are trying to blame the loss on acorn that did not exist in 2012. >> stephanie: yes. they literally blamed something that doesn't exist anymore. road flair mary is talking about
11:40 am
florida, and i'm like he won every battleground state. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: they are just lost. i don't know what to say. so yay for washington state today. [ applause ] >> yep. >> stephanie: marriage equality went into effect. and oklahoma no more transvajal probes. >> that's right. >> stephanie: oh no. >> we're known for closely suspecting your carry on we're transvaginal airline. we have plans to fly to alabama, kentucky pennsylvania, and texas. at transvaginal we know why you fly, and we'll be there for you, whether you like it or not. ♪ transvaginal airlines ♪ >> stephanie: yay. forty-five minutes after the hour. thank you rocky mountain mike. >> up why where?
11:41 am
>> up in there. >> stephanie: i'm going to whip out my christmas beaver again after the break. >> makes me sick in a wonderful, wonderful way. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ jennifer > it's these "talking points" that the right have about "the heavy hand of government". i want to have that conversation. let's talk about it. really. really! that you're gonna lay people off because now the government's going to help you fund your health care. really? i wanna be able to have those conversations. not just to be confrontational, but to understand what the other side is saying. and you know, i'd like to arm our viewers with the ability to argue with their conservative uncle joe over the dinner table.
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>>we tackle the big issues here in our nation's capital.
11:45 am
♪ ♪ one, two, one, two, three, four ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ she wore a raspberry berea ♪ ♪ the kind you find in a second-hand store ♪ raspberry beret, i think i love her ♪
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>> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." fifty minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. this hour brought to you by go to meeting with hd faces. now you can even present from your ipad. try it free for 30 days. click on the try it free button click on the promo code stephanie. >> nice believer. >> to thank you, i just had it stuffed. >> stephanie: i would like to thank ronnie for the christmas beaver he sent me. ♪ >> stephanie: and it sings. all right. that's it. that's the final appearance. >> by bucky the christmas beaver. [ applause ] >> i think we need him on the set until christmas. >> stephanie: all right. [ inaudible ] in chicago you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: hi, steph, i had the pleasure of meeting you at the meet and grope last spring. i'll finnegan's mother. >> stephanie: oh okay. >> caller: i just wanted to comment that when the republicans use the romney
11:47 am
versus obama election numbers, that doesn't necessarily mean that the people that voted republican voted because they are against the -- the -- the upper 2% tax increase. they may have voted for, grover norquist goofy social issues like they are anti-gay or -- you know some other reason. >> stephanie: right. yeah. well that's true. but -- what is -- 65% in the poll this morning. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> yeah. >> stephanie: favor having the rich pay their fair share. >> yep. >> stephanie: so there. and it was 60% in the exit polling. oh denesh d'souza, blames it on hollywood liberally. . [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> i put out a documentary, why wasn't i nominated for an oscar!
11:48 am
>> stephanie: the documentary feature have been announced missing, 2016 -- >> because it was a bad documentary. >> stephanie: by ignoring 2016 our friends in hollywood -- i have read so many reviews, and not just for liberals. it is just crap. they did reenactments with actors. that's not a documentary. >> wow. >> stephanie: documentaries are supposed to be a search for some kind of truth. his was he took an idea that he already had -- here is what i think between -- >> what hand -- >> stephanie: barack obama uncle in kenya at one point, and here are some actors -- >> how dare they not nominate me for an oscar, hah rump! >> stephanie: 2016 is a well-polished [ inaudible ] asking the sort of questions you
11:49 am
would find from a chain mail from your conservative uncle. >> drunk uncle. >> stephanie: ultimately it seems the economy will snub movies that are, you know, not good. [ applause ] >> that happens on occasion. >> kind of a requirement that a film be at least good. >> i'm going to have a scene writer write my comeback! >> it's the picture i got small. >> stephanie: he only wants my car, what? [ laughter ] >> stephanie: they point out it made a lot of money -- >> right. >> stephanie: that doesn't mean it's good or true it's just that you have a market for that -- >> happy madison made a lot of money. >> stephanie: i rest my case.
11:50 am
glenn beck is teaming with vince vaughn to create a new reality show called the pursuit of truth. damn i love him. i said hi to him hiking near my house one day. >> you also said hi to jessica lang. >> stephanie: well that. now all the more reasons to love her. [ laughter ] >> huh? >> really? >> stephanie: glen beck said i would love to see stuff that just isn't done. something on the federal reserve, why capitalism is a good thing, why it's not a bad thing. >> who said capitalism is a bad thing. >> so there is no capitalism in hollywood. they don't care how much money they are making -- >> yeah who is saying that capitalism is a bad thing. >> stephanie: didn't he buy a farm somewhere? a farm in africa? no, it's in the middle of though
11:51 am
country. oh my god, did you see anderson cooper went temporarily blind -- [ screaming ] >> he burned his balls. eyeballs. >> stephanie: yes, she was shooting a scene and the sunlight burned his retina so bad he wouldn't see for 48 hours. priscilla presley thinks that simpsons should be banned because it is not good for a moral cam pass. >> hasn't it been on for like 20 years? >> it ought to be outlawed by society. >> stephanie: she said we ought to bring back something like
11:52 am
leave it to beaver. >> oh god. >> or bring back that sex scene she had with lessly nielson in the naked gun. >> stephanie: right. you are right. a was her famous line. >> oh my god that's right. >> nice beaver. >> thank you. i just had it stuffed. >> stephanie: and that's not bad for kids. >> that's family values. >> alanis morrisette has been speed dating these days. she said if i party it's for 11 minutes. >> that's very precise. >> stephanie: hey she is a mom. >> it's not ten minutes, or 15 minutes, it's 11 minutes. >> stephanie: that would be me. >> hey, mom! >> stephanie: hang on glug glug glug glug glug. >> is that how it takes you to
11:53 am
glug down a giant entree. >> stephanie: brad pit and angelina jolie said they would go to the wedding if asked. fridays with sexy liberal john fugelsang tomorrow. and another fabulous friday show as we barely crawl to the finish line. >> yes. >> stephanie: we'll see you tomorrow on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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